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After over eight years of creative design and consulting for websites, here are a sample of the most recent designs. These samples span from mainly corporate web solutions, educational portals to creative community involvements.

For my past creative endeavours, please access my previous website for print designs or web designs.



BaptCare totally rebranded its organisation in mid-2006. The project was to redesigned and redevelopment of the website with all new content and site taxonomy. The FutureBrand's identity for BaptCare was the foundation of the new site which was implemented into IBM WCM.

BaptCare Front PageBaptCare Content Page

The design was designed in a non-profit approach, conveying the need for the range of care and services BaptCare provides across all of Victoria, Australia. The concept was based on its new brand and the vibrant colours, creating an exciting and warming design for a service-based non-profit organisation specifically targeting user personas. The implementation of these validate HTML/CSS templates into J2EE WCM solution was successful enabling them ownership over its contents. ^ top

Volkswagen Finance


Volkswagen Finance Australia set out enchance and lift its branding from previously outdated presentation. The new website was redeveloped into XHTML and CSS compliant for its web content management solution.

Volkswagen Finance Front PageVolkswagen Finance Content Page

The design was developed for a corporate finance approach, communicating VW's strong branding. The implementation of these validate XHTML/CSS templates into .NET solution was effective for the client. ^ top



A new rebranded product, Enable is a powerful framework for automating almost any business process. Focussed on streamlining processes from data collection to routing information through review and approval action cycles, Enable eliminates the overheads of cumbersome manual processes and solves many common document management challenges.

Enable Front PageEnable Content Page

Complete redesign of the branding, corporate identity and website design was undertaken from beginning to the completions of the website. This simple website is developed in validate XHTML/CSS and presentational Flash branding. The current success of the product has widen its corporate appeal to many new clients, resulting in effective strategic branding.^ top

Eos Solutions


Eos Solutions is an Australian company, established in 1996 with a vision to become a fresh and innovative alternative in the IT solutions market. Working with organisations across a range of industries and sizes to extend business processes through technology, Eos Solutions has evolved to become a specialist provider of IT solutions focusing on the people and processes of business.

Eos Front PageEos Content Page

The concept of the website design was to delivery a professional and clean approach. Utilising the strong colours of the brand as an impact, the design of the site was developed with content orientation and abundant white space. The process was a fully functional CSS-orientated HTML layout and integrated into IBM WCM (J2EE version) content system. ^ top



AGSM's prestigious reputation attracts highly talented teachers and researchers from around the world. Faculty members are internationally recognised and its 9,000 alumni are influential business and government leaders in senior roles worldwide. This website caters for a broad range of user from students to prospective employees.

AGSM Front PageAGSM Content Page

The development of the site was a complex undertaking, as the site information structure was unavoidably deep. The process took months to resolve and construction of content templates in testing phases. The deployment of these design templates into IBM WCM (Domino version) was successful and AGSM took over content management after training sessions. ^ top

AGSM Magazine


As a second project to the main AGSM website, AGSM's online magazine was a transition from the hardcopy publication. The magazine has the same content as before with added benefits enabled by the online platform as users can search the current and back issues by topic or faculty member, and print, save or email articles.

AGSM Magazine Front PageAGSM Magazine Content Page

The concept of AGSM Magazine website was a more journalistic approach. The overall branding were not changes as all colours were maintained, but the layout was streamlined for quicker access. Delivery of articles and news is the forefront in the information structure and these content maintance used the same IBM WCM system already in place. This smaller site was developed with HTML and CSS layout and implemented the templates across the site structure. ^ top



Established in 1923, JWP is one of Australia's longest running consulting engineering firms and one of only a handful that are fully Australian-owned and operated. The premise for the new website was a much-needed refresh of their out-dated corporate website. The requirements were defined after a creative workshop was held and all stakeholders were on the communication forum.

JWP Front PageJWP Content Page

The concept development of the website were driven by JWP's focus on professional culture, its own people and its environmental achievements. The creative direction for corporate simplicity, environmentally focused and ease of navigation was core to the information structure and design. The completion of the HTML/CSS project was delivered and self-maintain internally by JWP. ^ top

Coca-Cola Amatil Intranet


Coca-Cola Amatil is the principal Coca-Cola licensee in Australia and independently manufactures its own soft drinks and mineral waters. CA entered the Australian beverage industry in 1964 and by 1990 had acquired all the Australian Coca-Cola bottling licensed territories in Australia, except for those in part of the Northern Territory. Coca-Cola Amatil is becoming a broader-based beverage company by being the supplier of choice for both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages for five other countries in Australiasia. The expanding company need to refresh its intranet system and the requirements were to develop an accessible brand interface and content management.

CCA Intranet Front Page

The concept of the intranet was to delivery a professional, refreshing and clean approach. The design layout needed to be highly flexible as contents were wide ranging. The full screen scale design was a fully functional CSS-orientated HTML layout and integrated into IBM WCM (Domino version) content system. The successful outcome was an effective intranet that delivers updated accessible content to CCA staff. ^ top

Ok Tedi Mining


The renown Ok Tedi Mining is a major producer of copper concentrate for the world smelting market. It is situated at the headwaters of the Ok Tedi ("ok" means "river" in the local Faiwolmin language) in the remote Star Mountains of PNG's Western Province. The Ok Tedi mine is operated by Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML). It is one of BHP Billiton Ltd valued assets.

Ok Tedi Intranet Front Page

The portal design implementation of these validate XHTML/CSS templates into .NET solution was effective for the client. ^ top

CSS Zen Garden


CSS Zen Garden is a famously featured website for advocating the CSS design and development. Dave Shea's idea was "a demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design." and it is an amazing forum for ideas and better standard web development.

Emptiness is Zen

My contributing theme was based on my believes of buddhism and zen. The clarity and simpliticity is the focus of the design. Using obvious eastern elements and religious icons, the CSS concept emphasises holistic design, for example the wither branch at the top of the page draws down to the fallen leaves at the footer. ^ top

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